Time Management


15 Therefore, be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise,16 making the most of your time, because the days are evil.  Ephesians 5:15-16

Paul talks about making the most of our time because “the days are evil.” He knows without our proactivity we’ll let good opportunities come and go. We often don’t even think about opportunity costs. In his world, people’s eternal lives were at stake. This should be our motivation as well, but on a practical level, we need to be about seizing opportunities. Hidden in the words here is idea of buying up or “redeeming” the time. Just as the birds will snatch away the seeds sown before they can germinate, our career opportunities are fleeting.

Everything we do is a stepping stone to landing gratifying employment. At the very least, if we redeem the time, we can look back and know we did our best. After all, these opportunities are created by God. We need to know that the  enemy of souls wants us to miss out and to continue to flounder.

Another thing here to learn is that the act of being wise (not unwise) is reflective, careful thinking. We are constantly thinking things through, playing things out. We’re like athletic coaches and managers that play out different scenarios and are prepared. This is where prayer comes in. In our own power and strength, we will fall short. We have the best counselor in the world at our disposal! Use him.

Thanks for Enrolling in Enspire U.

Thanks for joining me! I’ve done my personal assessment homework and I now know I  always seem to end up doing two things in my interactions with the unemployed or underemployed: encouraging them, and, inspiring them.

Thus, the new word “enspire.”

To extricate yourself from your current vocational situation will require going back to school, not for a degree or certificate or license, but for a good dose of motivation and instruction.

Thus, “Enspire U.”

I must warn you, though, there’s a great deal of wisdom in my advice, not because I’m some great shakes, but because the Bible is my encouragement and inspiration. You’ll be surprised to learn, this book holds the keys to your future.

I’ll add to this 40 years at work in two professions, a major career transition, and more than 10 years of “enspiring” in a megachurch setting, and on my own.